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"The Best Since Forever"

With the launch of HotBox v1.0 a decade ago, chances are you have something in your closet that we printed whether you know it or not. Excellent customer service and top-notch quality provided us a broad customer base that's allowed us to work with tons of clients in Richmond and beyond. We've been Richmond's best since forever. And we're trying to have you be a part of it as we relaunch HotBox bigger and better than ever

We're still getting the site together for our official launch on February 9th. But in the mean time you can contact us below if you'd like to talk to us about about a job. Shirts, posters, koozies, hats, jackets, custom projects and design work, we're here to create something awesome with you. Hit us up for a quote and let's get to making something.

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Brine pickles fresh, organic produce from local farmers in California. Even our spices are fresh. Just because pickling is a preservation process doesn’t mean you can use dried-up thyme or week-old asparagus that’s already a little spongy. We want to give our customers crisp, crunchy and delicious pickled vegetables and fruits. Most of all, we want to expand people’s palates and prove that pickles don’t always come in a green or red variety.


Batch :
No. 2

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"The new pickle."

— Postprandial Magazine

Batch :
No. 3

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California natives Petra Frenkel and Gordon Byun are passionate about pickles. Gordon was raised on a steady diet of kimchi in a traditional Korean family. Helping his mom make the spice mixture and prepare the vegetables, he learned from the best. Petra blames her pickle obsession on her parents who migrated to SoCal from New York. Dissatisfied with the L.A. pickle ecosystem, her parents made kosher pickles at home. Petra became a bit of a pickle-snob, but thinks that everyone should eat delicious things, so it’s really more of an egalitarian snobbery.